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Have a complex project?
Try Studios.

A team of specialists to work on your entire project.
One team lead to manage it from A to Z.

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What's a Studio?

Fiverr Studios is a one-stop source for finding all

the freelance talent you need for completing larger projects.

Work with a team of freelancers being managed by one Studio Lead,

all within the same Gig.

How Do Studio
Gigs Work?

It’s similar to a standard Gig with filters, reviews,

and upfront pricing, but Studios offers an entire team with multiple capabilities.

Instead of one service, you get a team of specialists

working for you under one expert Studio Lead.

Browse Studio Gigs & Order

Browse Studio Gigs & Order

Each Studio Gig includes multiple services from different 
specialists, all managed by a single lead. Find the Studio 
that meets your needs.

Let the Studio Lead take care of it

Your Studio Lead will oversee the project, 

manage the team, and handle all communication. 

Studio Leads are expert communicators with proven management skills.

Let the Studio Lead take care of it
Approve your final delivery

Approve your final delivery

That’s it! Feel proud that you found your full solution
with a team of top talent. Now, go on and check off another project.

Explore Studio Gigs

Streamline your next multi-part project with a team of

talented freelancers. Discover how easy it is to get it all done

with only one point of contact.

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